Granite State families are busy.  We trust our elected officials to be our voice in the State House and to work on the things that actually matter to our families: good paying jobs, clean & sustainable environment, and vibrant public schools and communities. We know that New Hampshire works best when we all work together. Instead of working for New Hampshire families, the radical right has tried to distract us with made-up culture wars in the hope that we would not notice that they:
  • have attacked our public schools with a reckless school voucher scheme
  • have voted against reproductive freedom by hijacking the state budget with New Hampshire’s first abortion ban in modern history
  • continue to put our most vulnerable in harm's way by removing common sense public health and safety measures
  • have targeted NH’s LGBTQ+ kids with cruel, discriminatory bills
  • endanger voting rights and fair redistricting
  • have blocked the ability of towns to create comprehensive climate action plans
  • have even attempted to abandon the United States through secession

These stances do not reflect the type of leader New Hampshire needs!

I care about quality public schools, reproductive freedom, safe communities, free and fair elections, a clean & sustainable environment, affordable healthcare and housing, and living wages. In short, we deserve a government that works for the common good.

I believe that a strong community is built when residents become active and engaged. I am here to listen to any of the ideas, issues and concerns that you are passionate about!

I look forward to earning your vote for State Representative this November.