For democracy to work for all of us, it must include us all.  Voting is a right and responsibility.  But NH Republicans try to undermine our confidence in elections by passing anti-voter bills and pushing deliberate disinformation to sabotage the results of future elections so that they can stay in power.

*The way I see it NH voters pick our leaders, our leaders don't get to pick their voters- when it comes to our districts, we draw the line.

*I believe that we can make registering to vote easy and simple.  So much of our lives are online now, voting should be as easy as paying your bills online or mailing a letter.

*I think that the people who are directly impacted by the results of our elections should have a say in our elections, including retirees and college students.

*I believe that the people that serve our country should have a say in their country. 

*When it comes to our elections, I trust our local officials, who are the experts in running free and fair elections.